About us

Dr. Yoon provides mobile podiatry care to homebound patients as well as patients in Board and Care Facilities or Assisted Living Facilities.  He also sees hospice patients as well.

In addition, Dr. Yoon uses only sterilized equipment which is steam autoclaved for each patient.  Be aware that many podiatrists do not adequately sterilize their equipment.  Most do not autoclave their equipment for each individual patient or may reuse on multiple patients. 

Patients with Medicare as their primary insurance are generally covered if they have the following conditions:

1. Painful fungal toenails

2. Painful Corns and Calluses

3. Peripheral neuropathy

4. Diabetes with neuropathy and/or circulatory problems

5. Peripheral Vascular Disease

6. History of Amputations of toes or partial foot amputations

Dr. Yoon does not accept HMOs like SCAN, Secure Horizons, Kaiser, etc.  The fees that he charges is based on time and distance to get to the location.

Example pricing for routine foot care (cutting of fungal toenails/calluses) is below:

Northern San Diego County: $55-60
Central San Diego County: $60-70
Southern San Diego County: $65-75

Southern Riverside County: $55-60
Central Riverside County: $60-70
Northern Riverside County: $65-75

Pricing may be more if there are more problems.  Please call or email for a quote.